When I was a child…

I’m Destination Wedding, Portrait and Boudoir Photographer.

As a child, I was constantly dancing so my parents enrolled me in rhythmic gymnastics. I was able to stare at the fashion magazines all day long, cutting interesting photographs and making collages. I guess, from my early days, certain elements were imprinted such is sentiment, emotions, and vibe from the 80s  and of course love for B&W which is visible in my work. You will notice that my work is focused on emotions, human connection, romance, sensuality and documenting real-life moments. I am just not one those photographers who are big on photo manipulations. After all, I was born at the very beginning of the 80s 🙂 and I still feel nostalgy towards those years.

How All Started…

At age 8, I encounter a gypsy lady on the street who sold me a fantastic Zenit analog camera for literally $5 and ever since then I photograph people and the world around me.

In 2007, I decided to become a professional photographer. Ever since then, I photographed hundreds of people (mostly portraits, boudoir, families, and weddings).

In 2018, I created the new brand “Love Photo Stories” because I felt a strong need to go back to my roots and reasons why I started doing photography. As a result, Love Photo Stories are authentic stories about love, sensuality, and passion. They are a mix of different genres of photography: portrait, documentary, lifestyle, and boudoir. They are in a way a product of myself too since I am a firm believer in love. In all honesty, I cannot imagine a better job than photographing people who adore each other.

Milica Tepavac from Love Photo Stories Photography
Education & Career

I am a mom to the adorable boy Jude and I guess a special friend My son's friends from kindergarten call me "Mama Jude" :-)

* I am ENFJ (MBTI) and 2-7-8 (Enneagram Tritype, so-called "The Free Spirit")

* I absolutely adore traveling. I strongly believe that traveling opens up our mind and exposes us to the things we cannot learn through the books.

* I enjoy tremendously every place I visit, but so far there are 2 cities that clicked with me in a truly strong and unusual way: Cadiz, Spain and Regensburg, Germany.

* Music is super important part of my life. I've never learned to play an instrument, but I am someone who can recognize the song and the author from the first second I hear the beat. I have no idea how I acquired this useless but cool talent.

* I am someone who will spend a fortune on concerts and music festivals.

* My favorite band is Depeche Mode. I adore how they mix deep and meaningful lyrics with sensuality and current music trends.

* I read almost every day. I love to dive into the novels, into some other world or be practical and simply learn something new.

* My favorite writer is Fyodor Dostoevsky.

* Apart from novels, some topics I love to read about are psychology, geopolitics, metaphysics, philosophy, and tantra.

My professional career was unusually interesting.

Even I am photographing since childhood, my official education was completely unrelated to art.

My dear parents wanted me to have a stable job, so they advised me to enroll and finish Medical High School for Dental Technician. Since I was highly miserable there, I couldn't wait to finish my school and go to the University. I graduated from The University of Technical Science in the Department for Industrial Engineering.

It seems that life had other plans for me since I never worked in any of these fields. For 7 years I've been working as a Marketing Manager for different international corporations.

In 2007, my hobby (photography) became my profession.

It seems like I had to seek myself for over 25 years to come back to the things I used to love doing as a child.

I was born in Serbia so I am a native Serbian speaker.

I started learning English at age 10 and I used to live in the U.S for 3 years so I am also highly fluent in English.